Crownpoint, NM, United States

43rd Annual Indian National Finals RodeoOctober 23 - 27, 2018
at the South Point Equestrian Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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2017 Year End Awards (INFR Jackets)

Navajo Nation Rodeo Association


She is being congratulated by President Alvin Smith at the Queens Luncheon.

Hello everyone! 

Just wanted to introduce myself as you will be seeing a lot of me this year as I travel over the Navajo Nation! For those of you who don't yet know me. I am Asia Debonia Kinney, a 23 year old nurse who loves taking care of others. Arizona is where I call home! I come from the beautiful White Mountains, and a full White Mountain Apache, & the eagle clan born for the roadrunner clan.

I've grown so much from the start, but I believe I haven't even approached my finish line yet. I know that my growth has came from those who spent many hours teaching and leading me. Many lessons were taught, but also blessing were given. And for that I am very thankful for every thing I live and go through. Many of you may think life is easy for a Queen, but it's not that it is easy I have just learned to overcome hardships. The lessons my family has taught me were things such as this, to be humble and kind. We always forget the Golden Rule, treat others the way you want to be treated.

I first started my Rodeo Career in steer riding, barrel racing, and pole bending. I continued to practice the sport of Rodeo throughout high school and enjoyed many other activities during high school, I took part in extracurricular activities such as, Track, Softball, Basketball, and Cross Country. I didn't just enjoy these things in school, I also played at state level and even in my spare time. My spare time also was my favorite time because I could do things that included, fishing, hunting, being with my family, traveling, and hiking. Everything I most valued was spending time with those people to do such activities. Although I eventually Graduated, from Blue Ridge High School in May 2013, I have since then achieved that goal, and now I care for others. At the end of my reign I will continue my dream of caring for others. I still continued to relish and love the mobility of the outdoor and Rodeo life!

  Every time get ready to step foot on towards my destination there are those who I always have in mind. The ones who you have still to thank. For me that person is my hero. A great mount of my expression of gratitude goes to my late Uncle, Paul. He holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. First of all if it wasn't for his dreams and high hopes in me I don't think I'd have much self-support either. He started me off in my journey that I now know is going past any star I've dreamed of. He encouraged me to look past the struggles because they were what was helping me build a strong foundation that is getting stronger even to this day. They were building a stronger me so that I could learn to pick myself up and say that it is going to be okay. Having a father figure like him was not only what I could have wanted, but needed.

As being the Navajo Nation Rodeo Association Rodeo Queen I feel that my role will have a big part of me promoting to others that being a Rodeo Queen doesn't come as easy and free. As I walk through thick and thin I go through wins and losses. At the end of the day, I must know that this lifestyle does have it's twists and turns. That's why I must get back up and keep pushing. I want the upcoming generation to see that it is okay to go through pains (because at the very end) we must all know that the Creator is guiding our paths and helping us along the way. I encourage you all to keep your Faith up. And when it comes down to it all keep smiling like me. Never give up on your dreams because they will always keep you on a positive track in life.


Navajo Nation Rodeo Association 2016-2018


Alvin Smith                  President
Ray Smith                     Vice President
Shawndeana Smith   Secretary/Treasurer/Points Coordinator
Darlene Thomas         Special Assignment
Penny Mix                     Central Entry Secretary
Vacant                            Public Relations
Karlee Tsosie               Rodeo Coordinator
Floyd Benally               Rough Stock Coordinator
Sheridan Jodie            Mens Timed Event Director
Roqui Lee                      Ladies Event Director
Jacob Todechine         Junior Event Director
Carole J. Holyan         INFR Commissioner, Southwest Region
Bailey Bates                 Breakaway Roping Director
If you are interested in becoming a part of NNRA, please inform the Association.   Thank you!  

2018 Rodeo Tour Schedules
July 13th - 14th: White Shield Stampede
July 13th - 15th: North American Indian Days
July 20th - 21st: Mandaree INFR Tour Rodeo
July 20th - 22nd: Kainai Tour Rodeo
July 26th - 29th: Tsuut'ina Nation Nation 44th Annual Rodeo
August 3rd - 5th: Oglala Lakota Nation Rodeo
August 11th & 12th: Fort Hall Championship Rodeo
August 10th, 11th & 12th: Siksika Fair and Rodeo
August 16th - 19th: Crow Fair
Sept. 1st & 2nd: Fort Peck Indian Rodeo Association
Sept. 2nd & 3rd: Cheyenne River Labor Day Rodeo

Midwest Call-ins for Tour Rodeo’s
Phone number 605-374-7754
Friday - internet entries open at 12:00am (mst) close on Monday at 6pm (mst)
Monday - regular entries open from 10-6pm (mst)
Tuesday - late entries open from 1-5pm (mst)
Wednesday - call backs/trades open from 1-4pm (mst)
**Cards must be bought 3 business days prior to entries to avoid a $25 late processing fee. Deadline will be every Thursday at noon. All cards bought after the deadline that are wanting to enter that tour rodeo on the following Monday will have to pay the late processing fee. Every Thursday after 12 pm we send our new members to Midwest Rodeo Entries so they can get you in their system. After that we have to go in separate and you all individually which can be time consuming.

Important Rules that will be Enforced
Turn out at call backs does not is no charge unless you get your 1st preference.
B2.2.4 Turnout in Slack and/ or Performance. Turn out during the slack and/ or performance shall result in a fine of $100 per event, plus entry fees per event. 
Notified draw out will be charged $100 and have up until 2 hours prior to rodeo start time to give notice of draw out.
B2.2.4.1 Medical Draw Out. Medical draw out at a tour rodeo will result in a $50.00 fine. There will be a maximum of 2 medical draw outs at rodeo’s in a rodeo year. Contestant must submit a doctor’s verification to the INFR Office within seven (7) days of the last performance of the rodeo. Failure to provide Dr verification within the 7 days will result into a $100.00 notified turn out.
B2.2.4.2 Doctor Verification. A 30-day doctor verification designation/release is the only other type of designation or release allowed; this can only be used one (1) time in a rodeo year. A contestant who doctor releases in one event may still compete in other events if physically able to do so. An office charge of $25 will be applied.
B2.2.4.3 Visible Injury. If a contestant draws out of a rodeo due to a visible injury, the contestant must submit a doctor’s or judge’s verification to the INFR Office within seven (7) days of the last performance of the rodeo. Failure to comply with this rule shall result in a $100.00 Notified turn out.
B2.2.4.6 Veterinarian Releases. (This rule applies to barrel racers only.) A contestant who elects to veterinarian release out of competition may only do this two (2) time in a given rodeo year. An office charge of $25 shall be applied and is to accompany the Veterinary Release being filed with the INFR Office. If no Veterinary Release is provided within 7 days a $100.00 fine will be assessed.
**B2.2.5.1 Non-Payment of Entry Fees or related Fees. Any contestant that competes in any Region or Tour Rodeo and does not pay his/her entry fees in full at the rodeo will be ineligible, on first offense, to participate in the next two (2) Region or Tour Rodeo’s. A second offence will result in suspension for the remainder of the rodeo year.
Late Fee added to entry fee – the $25 late fee that is added to entry fee from Midwest must be paid with the Rodeo Secretary no exceptions. If you would like to appeal the late fee you must do so with the INFR office the following Monday.

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